Hospice is not a building or a place, but a philosophy of care that is recognized as the model of quality, compassionate care for people facing life-limiting illness. Hospice allows each patient to follow their individual end-of-life journey with respect and dignity. VNS’ interdisciplinary team of hospice professionals is committed to providing quality care, always respectful of patient and family wishes.

VNS’ Hospice at Home care team includes specially trained healthcare professionals and volunteers who address symptom control, pain management, and emotional and spiritual support tailored to the patient's and family’s needs and wishes. Most private insurance plans, HMOs and other managed care plans provide coverage for hospice services, as does Medicare and Medicaid.

While many insurance companies, as well as the Medicare Hospice Benefit, require that a terminally ill patient have a prognosis of six months or less, there is not a six-month eligibility limit to hospice care services. A patient in the final phase of life may receive hospice care for as long as their physician certifies that hospice eligibility requirements are met.

VNS was one of the first Medicare certified hospice providers in Connecticut, and we have provided specialized and compassionate care for thousands of individuals and families since 1981.

Palliative Care

VNS' Palliative Care program is committed to providing necessary care in the home while enabling persons to gain comfort and control over their lives when they are facing a life-limiting illness and may still be undergoing active treatment for their disease. Palliative care provides a patient and family centered supportive approach with healthcare professionals who address symptom control, pain management, and emotional and spiritual support tailored to individual needs and wishes.

    VNS Hospice Care

  • Our team is available to provide care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.
  • A VNS Hospice nurse coordinates in-home care in close collaboration with the patient’s primary physician.
  • Our team's knowledge and expertise in symptom control and pain management is utilized to enhance the quality of life experienced by our patients.
  • Support, caregiver training and grief counseling are all available for family and loved ones.
  • VNS' Bereavement Coordinator ensures that family and loved ones have access to bereavement services after the patient's death, providing supportive services assisting families in adjusting to the loss of a loved one.
  • While most hospice services are provided in the home where patients are most comfortable, care is also available in most skilled nursing facilities and residential care settings.
  • If desired, VNS Hospice care offers supportive services for physical and emotional comfort including massage therapy and music therapy.